Free Risk Assessment Tool for Construction and Building Industries

Source: Free Risk Assessment Tool for Construction and Building Industries

With any construction project, there are inherent risks involved that can threaten not only the safety of your workers but also your reputation and bottom line.

RaptorPM makes it easy for Project Managers or Health and Safety Managers to manage their Risk Assessments and Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) online without the hassle of paperwork.

Create project specific risk assessments and method statements in minutes with our easy to use, intuitive software. Suitable for Construction, Engineering and Facility companies of all sizes and for use on small to the very largest of projects.

RaptorPM makes complying with your local Work Health and Safety Act quick and easy, giving everyone more time to get on with the tasks safely. Easily create safety documents and safety procedures with a few simple clicks.

Quickly create a range of questionnaire type documents such as SWMS and Risk Assessments (RAMS) for any worker to complete quickly on site. To save time and cost, safety documents can be stored as PDF files so then can be reused by managers and safety officer’s multiple times.


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