O&M Manual Software for Construction Industries

Source: O&M Manual Software for Construction Industries

RaptorPM makes the assembly of operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals easy.

 Successful project managers know that regardless of whether a project is in planning phase or nearing its completion date, they need to prepare for an asset handover. Thanks to RaptorPM, they can now easily collate O&M manual documentation starting with the project plan and then build out documentation over the phases of the project. This makes both the handover and ongoing maintenance easier on the construction company, project team, and facility manager.

Planning for asset handover before construction begins saves time and money.

RaptorPM takes the headache out of assembling the manuals, no need for contractors or construction companies to struggle with the compilation and delivery of operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals to asset owners at project completion. Factors that impact a successful handover includes missed closeouts, incomplete handover documentation, deadlines or the inability to complete snag lists. Planning for asset handover ensures the avoidance of disputes or claims while minimizing any reputational damage.

RaptorPM can assist a contractor with:

  • In creating a project-wide view of what information is required, what has already been documented and what data needs to be collected

  • Planning in case of lack of contact with subcontractors that may have completed their work on a project earlier

  • Ensuring that the right information is delivered to the right people for review and approval

  • Helping the contractor to know what information is required for each project, then identifying what details are missing and who needs to provide it

  • Producing O&M manuals that meet contractual, compliance and other obligations

  • Creating O&M manuals

    Using RaptorPM, gives you a quality O&M solution for any type of project. Online means always available, always current and always ready to be reproduced quickly and easily.

     With minimum effort, a complete and compliant digital format manual is available for online sharing or downloadable for printing, ready for handover.

    Hassle Free Paperless assembly

     Stay current and updated

    RaptorPM O&M solution can be easily updated by the asset owner or facilities manager in a few minutes, assisting you to stay current and updated all through the lifecycle of the assets.

     Painless O&M Solution

    Designed for simplicity including workflows, the user you can collect, organize and track the status of O&M information as an asset is being built, to capture designs and data including building information modelling (BIM).


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