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Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Tools

Source: Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Tools

he architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industries face many challenges. In particular, when managing a cross section of projects. From complex large projects to many smaller projects, technology can transform the design and delivery of them all.

Working across so many associated project, project managers face many challenges. This can include communicating across more than one multi-disciplinary team. A project manager can work with the architects, engineers and builders all at the same time. Then there is the challenge of tracking jobs costs, budgets, profit and loss margins, and understanding the project deliverables.

So how can AEC tools assist in keeping track of important project details?

 Tracking project costs accurately

Project cost accounting is not the same as business accounting. It involves job costing and tracks the financial progress of a project using the data in the system. This gives architects and engineers a transparent view on how each project is going in terms of cost and budget. All stakeholders can see how the project’s profitability is tracking.

Project accounting can work across different companies for short projects or for years on complex projects. Budgets and costs alter over the project life and this needs recording for the life of the project. During the building phase, there are sub projects. Projects within projects with budgets allocated from within the main budget. Then there are often milestones to meet for the client. These can depend on payment phases so are critical to the ongoing flow of funds. Important milestones need tracking. This is best done through a work breakdown structure. Creating a work breakdown structure is not just about managing workflow and timelines. It helps to manage not only project costs and timelines but also material needs and purchases, fixed fees, and percentage of work complete. This gives relevant stakeholders access to one true source to work from.

AEC projects are labor intensive. It is the nature of the industry – designers, engineers, builders, and contractors working together. Because of this, team members need to account for their time within a fixed budgeted fee. For example, an architect may work on three different projects in a day. It is important they bill their time to the correct project. This helps to measure progress, time sent and costs accurately. And, whether the fixed fee quoted is realistic.

Using integrated accounting technology gives everyone a clear understanding at every stage of the project. It gives them the ability to create key reports.

Integrated document management and communication

Keeping track of project documentation is just as important as project accounting. It is easy to lose track of email trails and telephone conversations, and document and drawing versions. These are not always easy to share among all stakeholders. This can cause confusion and costly fixes down the track when you find you are not all working from the same page. Let along the cost to damaged reputations.

Having a good document management function as an AEC tool, allows good version control in controlled document folders. And, with the ability for email integration, nothing gets lost. It also saves lot of time with no more manually creating version numbers. Using a formal process for handling all communications for architecture, engineering and construction projects make it simple to keep everyone working from the same page.

 Project performance reporting

Good AEC project management tools will include reporting functionalities. Reports are vital to the whole process. Reports for profits, percentage compete, revenue per staff member, project profits and losses, and much more.

Good AEC tools have many report types built in. You will also be able to customize reports to look at the overall project performance and profitability. No longer is there any reason to be in the dark about a project’s performance.

If you are serious about enhancing project management using AEC tools, talk to the experts with the knowledge.

AEC project management and tracking solutions

Source: AEC project management and tracking solutions

There are many challenges within the AEC industries for project managing from the large complex project to multiple smaller projects. These challenges faced by the project manager can include understanding the deliverables the project, budgets, costs, margins, job costing and multi-team communication.

RaptorPM project management solutions provides the tools so your projects don’t lose money. We give project teams the tools to deal with clients, Architects, Engineers, Consultants and QS firms.

Still image from the Autodesk Future of Making Things video. Image demonstrates how the next generation of digital technology will change the way things are designed and made.

Our project management software is ideally suited for the AEC industries.  A secure, robust web based solution, RaptorPM delivers a comprehensive and powerful set of project management tools to help project teams to plan and manage any number of projects. At RaptorPM we see project management as managing people’s activity around the core project details. This approach empowers project leaders to set measurable tasks, manage document flow and emails, co-ordinate project communication, and assign the right resources to the right job for the best set of outcomes.

The purpose of project accounting for any AEC business goes beyond understanding that behind every project is a series of financial data. RaptorPM gives the user the ability to create reports that help analyse the health and progress of their projects. Instant access to the critical information for architecture and engineering project managers to understand the status of their projects such as budget control and where projects are in terms of profitability.

In the world of AEC project management, for the most part resources equal people (project managers, contractors, subcontractors, design companies, specialists etc.) all of whom should be working around a central platform for project information.

RaptorPM allows the user to create projects around some core data points of project information. Then, tasks and time frames are set, resources will be assigned through a work breakdown structure, project related documents are stored in central folders, contact data is then linked to a project.

The project leaders will also be able to use a structured resource and capacity planner to forward plan all resources, capability bandwidth and ensure resources to undertake the identified tasks across all stages of the project. As RaptorPM gives the project managers visibility into the capacity of project teams, they minimize the risk of over-allocating work and missing those deadlines.

AEC are demanding solutions that help them adopt standardization in the project management area while also facilitating flexibility at an individual project manager level. RaptorPM does not only help with standardization of key project management processes across the entire organization, it helps improve performance management, team collaboration and dashboards for client specific reporting at the individual project level.

Infrastructure Project Management Solutions

Source: Infrastructure Project Management Solutions

Infrastructure projects can lead not just a company’s economic success but to a whole country’s economic success. These projects provide the opportunity to grow and become more competitive in attracting inward investment and job creation. Infrastructure projects such as airports, railways, roads, highways, power plants, bridges, and buildings should also improve the quality of life for people.

image showing industrial project management

However, many infrastructure projects will struggle to meet aggressive delivery dates and can also incur significant cost over-runs. With punitive performance clauses and increased competition, the reality is that margins are shrinking so room for error is tight, very tight.

At RaptorPM, our own research points to the inability to deal with unforeseen changes as one of the biggest threats to the on time and within budget completion of infrastructure projects. This can happen when project management teams cannot see the problems in advance. These problems can be planned for using risk assessment and development scenarios on our software platform.

Project information and how a project manager uses it is critical. Visibility is all empowering to any project team. Combine the two put and a company has a winning formula for successful infrastructure project management. Visibility is also simplicity, to understand, to communicate, to collaborate across the many project strands. This leads to outcomes which takes a complex body of work so it becomes clear, transparent, logical and far more easily controlled. Project stages get completed when they are planned and scheduled, monitored and reported.

Construction Industry Project Management Software

Source: Construction Industry Project Management Software

RaptorPM construction project management software solutions ensure best practices are followed every time, with repeatable, measurable results. RaptorPM has been designed specifically for the construction industry in response to concerns that many of the problems of the construction industry result from the lack of good tools. We provide project managers you with the tools necessary to manage the changing nature of the industry.

Construction Project Management

We understand that Project Management delivery tools are key to a construction company’s success. Working with a global base of project managers, our software allows for 24/7 access to your project’s data, so making it easier to leverage our software when it comes to making strategic choices on a timely basis. RaptorPM gives the entire project team, contractors and workers a single version of the project ensuring everyone is viewing and sharing the same data.

Some benefits of RaptorPM construction project management:
  • Helping project managers improve operational efficiencies and streamline processes

  • Optimize project communications

  • To keep project managers informed and ensure projects stay profitable

  • 24/7 online access to key information which can be easily retrieved

  • Minimize profit margin erosion by plotting scope changes and cost impacts

  • Allows for the integration with financial systems for reporting

  • Well-designed workflows for processing change orders, subcontracts and PO’s

  • Helps the project team to reduce the time spent searching and retrieving documents

  • A software system designed specifically to reflect real world construction workflow and methodologies for well executed. profitable contracts

 Over the years, we have come to the conclusion that Construction, whether commercial, residential or industrial, is an industry that relies heavily on organization. Organization that requires a robust set of software tools because with so many moving parts, organization is the defining quality that separates out profitable construction management companies from the rest.

RaptorPM provides project teams with a level of detail that prevents projects from running over budget through lack of cost control, or from going over time through poorly-timed tasks, inspections or reports. Due to the nature of construction, multiple companies and contractors will need to work together in order to complete even a single task. This is where RaptorPM Construction project management software can serve as the solution for

            Document Tracking and Management

            Bid Management/Submittals

            Jobsite Logs

            Resource and worker scheduling

            Job and time Estimation

            Project collaboration


User Friendly Project Management Solutions

Our user-friendly interface allows workers with minimal technology exposure to quickly adopt the system, and reduce the time a construction company realizes an ROI. Many of RaptorPM’s clients use our software as a selling point when bidding for client projects. Project managers, sub-contractors and workers can be granted access to RaptorPM to view schedules, contract changes, and document changes.